Low permeability media and nanoporous materials from characterisation to modelling: can we do it better?

IFPEN / Rueil-Malmaison - 9-11 June 2015

Tuesday 9 June 

8.15    Registration

9.00   Opening of LowPerm2015
           N. Dubos-Sallée, Scientific Correspondent of LowPerm2015 (IFPEN, France)

           Welcome Address
           E. Heintzé, Scientific Director (IFPEN, France)

Session 1: Characterisation at pore scale

9.20   Keynote address by P. Levitz (UPMC, France)
          Confined fluid dynamics in heterogeneous nanoporous materials: morphology and upscaling from
          the pore to the pore network

10.05   The status of water in a swelling shale: the case of the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone
             P. Delage1,3, H. Menaceur1, A. M. Tang1, J. Talandier2
             (1 École des Ponts ParisTech, 2 Andra, 3 Lab. Navier/Cermes, France)

10.25    Pore network characteristics of European organic-rich shales:implications for fluid storage and

             A. Ghanizadeh1, M. Gasparik2, S. Aquino1, Y. Gensterblum3, A. Amann-Hildenbrand4, B. Krooss4, T. Rexer5,
             A. Aplin6, C. R. Clarkson1
            (1 Univ. of Calgary, Canada; 2 GEO-Data Group, Germany; 3 Stanford Univ., USA; 4 RWTH-Aachen Univ.,
            Germany; 5 Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Germany; 6 Durham Univ., UK)

10.45    Break

11.05    Keynote address by J-P. Korb (Lab. PMC-Ecole Polytechnique-CNRS, France)
             Confined fluid dynamics in heterogeous nanoporous materials probed by multiscale NMR


11.50    Structure and permeability of porous silicon investigated by self-diffusion NMR measurements
             J. Puibasset1, P. Porion1, E. Rolley2, A. Grosman3
            (1 CRMD-CNRS-Univ. d’Orléans, 2 Lab. de Physique Statistique-ENS-UPMC-Univ. Paris Diderot-CNRS,
             3 INSP-CNRS-UPMC, France)

12.10    Determination of shale gas dissolved in kerogen
              Q. Sang1, Y. Li1, C. Zhu1, M. Dong1,2 (1 China Univ. of Petroleum, China ; 2 Univ. of Calgary, Canada)

12.30    Lunch

14.00    Monolithic nanoporous materials as stationary phases for microfabricated gas chromatography

             J. Fleury, D. Thiébaut, P. Sassiat, J. Vial
             (LSABM-CBI-ESPCI ParisTech-CNRS-PSL Research Univ., France)

14.20    Characterisation of hydrated porous materials by neutron tomography
              F. Ott, E. Rabot, F. Cousin, C. Loupiac, S. Désert, A. Helary, P. Lavie
              (Lab. Léon Brillouin-CEA-CNRS, France)

Session 2: Competing physicochemical processes involved in fluid transport mechanisms at pore scale

14.40    Keynote address by A. Szymczyk (Univ. Rennes 1, France)
             Recent developments in modelling, simulation and characterization of synthetic membranes

15.25    Salt and water permeabilities of a reverse osmosis desalination membrane under osmotic and
             pressure gradients
             G. H. Lopes, N. Ibaseta, P. Guichardon
             (Aix Marseille Univ.-CNRS-Centrale Marseille, France)

15.45    Poster session

16.30    Water mobility and structure in natural clay systems
              M. Fleury, E. Kohler, L. Barré (IFPEN, France)

16.50    Osmotic flow across fully permeable nanopores
              C. Ybert, C. Cottin-Bizonne (UCBL, France)

17.10    Molecular dynamics simulations of slip on curved surfaces
              D. Ross, E. Boek (Imperial College London, UK)

17.30    Simulation of fluid slip flow through simple cubic arrays of overlapping spheres
              L. Wang, X. Yin (Colorado School of Mines, USA)

17.50    End of the presentations

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