Low permeability media and nanoporous materials from characterisation to modelling: can we do it better?

IFPEN / Rueil-Malmaison - 9-11 June 2015

Wednesday 10 June 

Session 2: Competing physicochemical processes involved in fluid transport mechanisms at pore scale (continued)

9.00    Keynote address by M.O. Coppens (Univ. College London, UK)
            Diffusion in real zeolites

9.45    Asphaltenes diffusion into mesoporous catalysts under hydroprocessing conditions
            F. Gaulier, J. Barbier, B. Guichard, D. Espinat (IFPEN, France)

10.05    Subcontinuum mass transport of condensed hydrocarbons in nanoporous media
              B. Coasne,1 K. Falk,1 R. Pellenq1, F.-J. Ulm1, L. Bocquet1,2
             (1 CNRS-MIT, USA; 2 Lab. de Physique Statistique-CNRS-ENS, France)

10.25    The KG2B project: a world-wide benchmark of low permeability measurement
             C. David1, J. Wassermann1, F. Amann2, the KG2B Team
             (1 Univ. Cergy-Pontoise, France ; 2 ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

10.40    Break

11.10   Keynote address by E. Espuche (Univ. Lyon 1, France)
             Polymer based materials with high barrier properties: synthesis routes and barrier mechanisms

11.55   Experimental and numerical investigation of two-phase flow in a model of nanoporous media
A. Naillon1,2, P. Lefort1, S. Geoffroy3, M. Prat1, P. Joseph2
             (1 IFMT-Univ. de Toulouse-CNRS, 2 LAAS-CNRS-Univ. de Toulouse-INPT, 3 Univ. de Toulouse-
             UPS-INSA-LMDC, France)

12.15   Molecular simulation of shales organic matter transport properties
J. Collell, G. Galliero (LFC-R-CNRS-Total-UPPA, France)

12.35   Lunch

Session 3: Low to very-low permeability media and nanoporous materials at macrosopic scale

14.15    Polymer permeability and barrier properties - application to flexible pipe design
              M-H. Klopffer1, X. Lefebvre1, E. Brun2, T. Epsztein2, M. Chirat2, C. Taravel-Condat2
              (1 IFPEN, 2 Technip, France)

14.35    Pore Network Model of electrokinetic transport through charged porous media
              A. Oblibger1,2, M. Jardat2, D. Coelho1, S. Bekri3, B. Rotenberg2
             (1 Andra, 2 CNRS- UPMC-Phenix, 3 IFPEN, France)

14.55    Keynote address by A. Aplin (Durham Univ., UK)
             Pore systems and fluid transport in heterogeneous shales

15.40    Estimation of flow properties in shear and compaction bands via imaging methods and digital rock

              E. M. Charalampidou1, G. Couples1, H. Lewis1, S. Stanchits2, S. Hall3, C. Viggiani4
             (1 Heriot-Watt Univ., UK; 2 Schlumberger, USA; 3 Univ. of Lund, Sweden;  4 Univ. de Grenoble, France)

16.00    Poster session 

16.50    Porescale simulation with lattice Boltzmann method in digital core and pore-network model
J. Yao, L. Zhang, Y. Yang, J. Zhao, Y. Gao (China Univ. of Petroleum, Chine)


17.10    Fine microstructure and fluid transport of a tight sandstone
              P. Adler1, Y. Song2, C. Davy2, L. Jeannin3, G. Hauss2, D. Troadec4, F. Skoczylas2
             (1 UPMC-CNRS, 2 ECL-CNRS, 3 GDF Suez E&P International, 4 IEMN-CNRS, France)

17.30    Modelling of 1D anomalous diffusion in fractured nanoporous media
              R. Holy, A. Albinali, H. Sarak, E. Ozkan (Colorado School of Mines, USA)

17.50    Activated desorption and long-time kinetics of hydrocarbon recovery from nanoporous media
              L. Bocquet, B. Coasne, T.Lee (Lab. de Physique Statistique-CNRS-ENS, France)


18.10    Experimental measurements and multi-scale modelling of the relative gas permeability of a clay-rich
               tight carbonate

               F. Bignonnet1,2, Z. Duan1, P. Egermann3, L. Jeannin4, F. Skoczylas1
               (1 Ecole Centrale de Lille, 2 Lab. Navier-ENPC, 3 Storengy, 4 GDF Suez E&P, France)

18.30    End of the presentations
             Bus transfer to the Domaine de Vert-Mont

19.00    Cocktail dinner party

21.30    Bus transfer from the Domaine de Vert-Mont to the hotels in Rueil then to Place Charles de Gaulle Etoile
in Paris

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