Low permeability media and nanoporous materials from characterisation to modelling: can we do it better?

IFPEN / Rueil-Malmaison - 9-11 June 2015

Thursday 11 June 

Session 3: Low to very-low permeability media and nanoporous materials at macrosopic scale (continued)

9.00    Keynote address by Yu-Shu WU (Colorado School of Mines, USA) represented by X. Yin
           Effect of capillary pressure on oil production of low-permeability, tight and shale reservoirs

9.45    Upscaling slip-flow in porous media
           D. Lasseux1, F. Valdés-Parada2, J. A. Ochoa-Tapia2, B. Goyeau3
           (1 CNRS-Univ. Bordeaux-I2M, France; 2 UAM Iztapalapa, Mexico; 3 EM2C-ECP, France)

10.05    Porosity and permeability of the lower jurassic posidonia shale from Whitby (UK)
              M.E. Houben1, A. Barnhoorn2, M.R. Drury1, C.J. Peach1, C.J. Spiers1
             (1 Utrecht Univ., 2 Delft Univ., The Netherlands)

10.25    Modelling of mesoporous alumina microstructure by 3D random models of platelets
              H. Wang1, A. Pietrasanta1, D. Jeulin1, F. Willot1, M. Faessel1, L. Sorbier2, M. Moreaud2
              (1 Mines ParisTech-PSL Research univ.-CMM, 2 IFPEN, France)

10.45    Break

11.00    Modelling the transport of water and ions tracers in a micrometric sample of clay
             P. Bacle, V. Marry (CNRS-UPMC-PHENIX, France)

11.20    From characterisation to multi-scale discrete fracture model of tight gas reservoir: integrating cores,
              well logs, 3D seismic and outcrop
              Z. Sun, J. Yao, J. Feng, Y. Wu, Y. Xu, Q. Sun
              (China Univ. of Petroleum, China)

11.40    Conclusion by the Keynote Observer H. Van Damme (MIT, USA)

12.10    Closing address

12.15    End of the conference

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